Safety Services

We provide qualified personnel to cover all of your safety needs:

Project Personnel
Safety Managers
Safety Supervisors
Safety Technicians
Industrial Rescue Confined Space/High Angle Rescue Masters
           Confined Space/High Angle Rescue Technicians
           Rescue and Ventilation Plans
Standby Technicians
           Confined Space Attendants
           Fire Watches
Emergency Medical Technicians

Inspections, Policies and Program Development
Emergency Response and Contingency Plans
Compliance Inspections
Safety Program Development and Implementation
Project Safety Execution Plans tailored for your existing Safety Programs and Policies

Safety Equipment For Sale or Rental
Breathing Air Cascades and Manifolds
Portable Breathing Air Compressors
Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA)
           NFPA or,
           Industrial Grade
Supplied Air Respirators (SAR)
Full and Half Face Respirators (APR)
Safety Trailers
Fall Protection Systems
          Full Body Harnesses and Lanyards
          Static Lifelines
Explosion Proof and Low Voltage Lighting
Fire Extinguishers
First Aid and Trauma Kits
Oxygen Resuscitators
Fixed Point Gas Monitors
Personal Gas Monitors
Calibrations Kits

Equipment Maintenance and Service
Compliance Inspections for all of your safety equipment
SCBA and SAR Flow Testing and Regulator Repair
DOT Hydrostatic Retest Facility
Fire Extinguisher Annual Inspections
Breathing Air Analysis
Gas Monitor Calibration and Repair